Yeah, that's not a real word. We know.

It has no meaning, but it has real purpose: get your attention and trigger your curiousity. Is it working yet? And may we say you look amazing today. Altough we also sense a bit of worrying. Maybe about your business, your brand. About connecting with youngsters? They don't care about what you have to say, do they? 🙄 Or is it something else... we're just guessing here. This is only a website after all. What do websites know.

Not convinced yet? No problemo. We have some cases a few pixels down that are carefully selected to make you want to meet us. No tricks or hidden agendas. We're pretty transparant about our intentions: set up a meeting and do some business probing.

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DELA joins the Lucy fam

Uitvaartspecialist DELA neemt Lucy onder de arm om zijn nieuwe merkstrategie in de markt te zetten. Lucy staat in voor het marketingcommunicatieplan en de merkcampagnes.