The challenge

Starting to save for your pension when you're young allows you to harness the power of compound interest, take advantage of a long-term investment horizon and requires lower contributions. These advantages can significantly improve your financial security in retirement. But how do you convince young professionals to think about their pensions when it's so far far away?


The Realityproof idea

To reach this audience Lucy decided to break with the traditional banking communications codes and unleash zombies on you in an online video with one clear message: The end of the world is not yet tomorrow, so think about your pension today.

Hein Lannoy, CEO Assuralia

'It is our task and our priority to gain the confidence of young people regarding pensions. This can be achieved by simply guiding them along the path to how they can take control of their future and especially by making it clear that there are several parties that can help them with their pension plan.'

The results

+240% increase of visits on