Convincing a generation to think about their pension

A supplementary pension may seem like something you should not yet be worried about, but it is actually wise of you to think about it right now. With this campaign, Assuralia and PensioPlus want to make you aware of the importance of a pension in general and, more specifically, a supplementary pension via the employer.


According to a study by Assuralia and PensioPlus, people under 40 are worried about their pension. One third cannot estimate the amount of money they need to ‘save up’ to have a good old age or maintain their standard of living. Young people are also said to have a high level of indifference and little confidence in the pension system.

One of the causes of indifference among the younger generation is the lack of knowledge and information. With the website, the government offers a unique source of information on statutory and supplementary pension. Though, many young workers are still not on board. Assuralia and PensioPlus want to change this.

Hein Lannoy, CEO Assuralia

It is our task and our priority to gain the confidence of young people regarding pensions. This can be achieved by simply guiding them along the path to how they can take control of their future and especially by making it clear that there are several parties that can help them with their pension plan.


To reach this young target group, Lucy unleashes zombies on you in an online video with one clear message: The end of the world is not yet tomorrow, so think about your pension today. The video aired on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, VTM Play and RTL Play.

The online video is also accompanied by a campaign website, , which provides more information about the four pension pillars and, more specifically, about the supplementary pension (the second pillar). In this way, the campaign provides a clear overview of the pension system.

Through the online distribution of the video and the website, Assuralia and PensioPlus want to raise awareness among young workers about their pension and aim to encourage these young workers to keep a regular eye on their pension situation. The campaign aims to create a reflex among the target group to discuss the subject, at least at key moments in their career, with their current or future employer.