This is where we talk a bit about what we can do for you.

Brand strategy

We don't start the creative concepting without a firm brand strategy. How else would you know how a campaign is performing? If your brand strategy is on point, we'll use it as the base for our campaign strategy and the creative brief. If you feel your brand strategy is outdated or needs to change, you've come to the right Lucy.

The long & the short

We're brand builders and community builders. Things you don't change overnight. Hence why we think long term strategy is so important. But it's 2023, so we know sometimes you need to act fast too. We're pretty handy with SOBO; sales overnight, brand overtime. We like a creative sprint from time to time, so don't be afraid to challenge us.

The Speed of the Feed

By the time you're at the end of this sentence 19 new TikTok trends started, 7 challenges ended and a few million comments were added to the feed. To fully capitalise on the new social opportunity brands need to speed up their game. We reinvented the creative process to supercharge your marketing department.


Branding is so much more than just your visual identity. It's knowing what you stand for, how you talk, write, sound, move, behave and react. We love working on brandings, especially our designers and motion designers do! Every asset is put into practice, (as campaign makers we know a thing or two about that), so your branding doesn't result in an impossibly rigid guideline book.

Account management

We're the only creative agency in the world that talks about account management on their website. It's a common misconception that creatives are responisble for the agency vibes. We know that the account team is the secret sauce to both agency & client success. Let's keep this between us.

Thought provoking

Awareness campaigns have a special place in our hearts. Their prime objective is rarely to change a ticker on the nasdaq. But they change the way we look at society. They are a force for change. Don't believe our word over it, check out our cases and you'll be convinced in no time.

If you made it this far we need to take it to second base. We don't really know what second base is, we heard it in a movie once. Something about the next step in a relationship. In our world that's called a meeting. And you'll leave that meeting with a lot of interesting stuff to think about.